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GREF-promotional umbrellas are an investment in the reputation of your company, because who advertises is perceived.

The family GREF is Germany's oldest umbrella importer - since 1947 with its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany.
GREF-Schirme provide umbrellas and promotional umbrellas to industrial, wholesale and commercial advertising customers, worldwide.
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n promotional umbrellas.
In the umbrella-world, we have everything you need, what we don’t have,
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Exhibition -, folding - or multi-purpose tent

Also available with a new full-surface photo-printing process for promotions, exhibitions and events of all kinds. Our folding tent provides the perfect professional appearance! "Open Air" in wind and rain, or indoors, with our EASY-UP folding tent you take the center stage.

EASY-UP folding tent:
3 x 3 meter
either with steel or aluminium frame
Material either 300x300D oder 600x600D Polyester
always coated fire retardant
half and full sidewalls as an option


For the steel frame you can choose:
simple version of approx. 16kg
Quality version of approx. 21kg
For the aluminum frame, there are three versions available::
simple version of approx. 11,5 kg for promotional use
Quality version of approx. 16,5 kg
Heavy Duty version of approx. 23 kg

The roof and side walls can be designed with your logo by full tone as well as allover by photo printing process




Cheaper than you think.

EASY-UP · Exhibition -, folding - or multi-purpose tent

EASY-UP · Exhibition -, folding - or multi-purpose tent

EASY-UP FULL SIDEWALL · Exhibition -, folding - or multi-purpose tent


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