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We provide umbrellas and promotional umbrellas to industrial, wholesale and commercial advertising customers, worldwide.

The family GREF is Germany's oldest umbrella importer - since 1947 with its headquarters in Regensburg.

GREF-promotional umbrellas are an investment in the reputation of your company, because who advertises is perceived.

Our constant innovation,
we show especially in Promotional umbrellas.
In the umbrella-world, we have everything you need, what we don’t have,
you don’t need.

We look forward to your request for quotation

Innovative Photo-print-method
Allover printed
from 1 to all 8 panels selectable
starting at 120 pieces short-run
(regular 600 or 1.200 pcs MOQ)
Tooling costs omitted
delivery time of only 7 weeks possible!
(regular delivery time 98 days)

only requirement is vector graphics with
and your layout created as octagon

Realisable with two items:
Stick umbrella WALKER Automatic Art. Nr. 4110
Folding umbrella PALAS Automatic Art. Nr. 3051

From 600 pieces allover printed umbrellas can be individually realized with (almost) all umbrellas:
You can find a selection for your brainstorming here
or more umbrellas here

think onward here


advertising umbrella with transfer print allover



..... so that it fits on our umbrellas.